Zend Framework.

November 06, 2010

...is awesome.

I love that I've gotten to use Zend Framework on a few projects recently. While I do work with other platforms at POP, PHP frameworks are my favorite; configuration and syntax are very intuitive as a Javascript and Flash developer. I'm excited to learn other frameworks, too -- for now I'm simply loving the hands-on experience with Object-Oriented PHP and the MVC pattern.

Some of the challenges & successes of my recent Zend projects:

  • Two modules: default and mobile
  • Twitter feed caching for page performance & API request limits
  • Custom view helpers for outputting content
  • Use of the BundleScript Helper
  • Custom routes for a specific URL structure
  • Use of built-in head script and style helpers for clean layout templates

I'm excited to learn more about Zend and other frameworks; the best part of being a web developer is expanding my skill-set. I love challenges, so having them built-in to my job make it super satisfying!