Testing Accessibility

Learn How to Build Accessible Web Apps with Marcy Sutton

Coming in 2021: TestingAccessibility.com, a series of learning resources about web accessibility for developers.

With Testing Accessibility, I'll provide you with workshops, courses, articles, cheat sheets, and more to improve your technical and people skills around accessibility. I'm putting 12 years of experience as a web developer and educator into this project, including the few years at the beginning when I didn't know anything about accessibility. We all have to start somewhere!

This project was partly inspired by Kent C. Dodds' testingjavascript.com, which included an interview with me from a few years ago. I also recorded an accessibility course for Egghead.io, my Testing Accessibility project partners, and I've been wanting to do more ever since.

But most importantly, I see a continual need for developer education about accessibility among developers. Industry leaders like Apple, Google, and Microsoft even need help with it, along with everyone else.

My goal is to teach you how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for good. You’ll make the digital world a better place, particularly for people with disabilities who might not be able to use your sites and apps otherwise.

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