The Magic of Automated Accessibility Testing at JSConf 2015

At JSConf this year, I spoke about automated accessibility testing, something that has become a huge part of my daily work as a JavaScript developer and accessibility advocate. I was pretty excited for the conference so I submitted two proposals, and one was accepted! A little secret: once you get accepted to speak, you can actually decide your topic. I wanted to cheese mine up with something silly, and also give a nod to Accessibility of Web Components in 2014 when In-Real-Life tacos appeared, so I called and had a pizza delivered.

In 30 minutes, I explain how accessibility fits into my workflow on Angular core projects and elsewhere (completely forgetting that I have a pizza on the way). I learned most of this content in the past year working on open source at Substantial. I went to work there to learn software testing and it became a core competency when I joined the Angular Material team full-time.

What's next: I've accepted a job as an Accessibility Engineer at Adobe Systems, starting on July 6! I'll still contribute to Angular and ngMaterial with a reduced presence.